🌊 The new wave of smart rings - Iris, Samsung and more 💍

My established procedure for reviewing smart rings so far is this:

🌊 The new wave of smart rings - Iris, Samsung and more 💍

My established procedure for reviewing smart rings so far is this:

  • Expectations— article & video made when there is already a promise that the ring will actually come out, i.e. usually with having a sizing kit. At this point I formulate expectations for the ring, which has worked well for me for subsequent confirmation/rebuttal in First Impressions & Review.
  • First impressions — a basic introduction to the product, its packaging, charger, and app. Post first impressions after using the ring for a few days to weeks.
  • Reviews — an honest and proper review needs to be supported by data and tests, ideally with a comparison to a reference device. At the same time, the review will dampen the overly positive/negative feelings that usually come with first impressions.

I will now make a small exception to the described process and talk in detail about a few smart rings that are more or less close, these are:

  • Iris Ring
  • Muse One Ring
  • BoAt Ring
  • Evie Ring
  • Samsung Ring
  • Circular Ring v2 (?)

In the following subsections, I’ll break down the essentials of what we currently know. Most of the rings haven’t seen the light of day yet, so let’s be cautious about their announced functionality and their release in general.

The vast majority of the rings listed follow the standard — i.e. PPG sensors for HR, HRV, SPO2; also temperature sensor, accelerometer. So I will mainly list the differences to the standard.

🇨🇭 Iris Ring ️▶ ️️VELIA Ring ️

I’m excited about the Iris Ring. I naively believe it will run like a Swiss watch. After all, as I illustrated with an infographic in the Ultrahuman AIR review, minimalism may be the next evolutionary step in this category of wearable electronics, as it is said to be 5 mm wide (the Oura is currently 7.9 mm).

This miniaturization is said to be the result of research and development into shrinking PPG sensors:

The main features

  • Ring width of only 5 mm
  • Blood pressure measurement — Q2/2024
  • PPG sensors around the circumference of the ring (16 LEDs vs. 4 LEDs for Oura)

WHEN and for how much?

For new orders, the website still mentions January 2024 and the current price on Indiegogo is 274 CHF = 284 EUR. However, currently the Iris team has shared a revised plan after their pilgrimage to find an Iris ring manufacturer, where sizing kits and ring deliveries in March are planned for January 2024:

To illustrate, this is what the Iris ring should look like compared to the Oura on the hand of one of the founders:

🇮🇳 Muse One Ring

Next to Ultrahuman is another Indian entry. It is said to be the first ring that can measure blood pressure and promises even more functionality. It looks pretty sturdy to me and the design is a bit controversial, judge for yourself:


The main features

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • NFC chip for payment (similar to a credit card, mobile phone or watch)
  • Rotating ring for different actions (start workout for example)

When and for how much?

At the time of writing, Muse One Ring has launched its campaign for $169, which is of course a “Kickstarter early bird price”, if all goes well, the price will double later on.

Expected delivery in December 2023.

🇮🇳 boAt Ring

There are too many smart rings on the market and I try to focus on those that have something unique to offer. In the case of the boAt ring, this could be the touch controls, which allow you to, ahem, scroll through the phone’s screen, but also control the music app.

The boAt ring is currently only available in 3 sizes, which, apart from the lack of uniqueness in terms of functionality, puts me off.

The main features

  • touch control
  • Emergency SOS

When and for how much?

The boAt ring should be available, however, I have not found it currently in stock.

🇺🇸 Evie Ring

While I’m making a plan for how I’m going to review the Evie as a man, the Evie, or rather the Movano, has burned my pond as it’s only going to be sold in the US for now.

The main features

  • pure focus for women
  • different design
  • Medical device certification

When and for how much?

The ring should be available in November 2023, the price is not yet known.

🇰🇷 Samsung Ring

Many people are waiting for a smart ring from a major brand, the most talked about being the “Apple iRing” and the Samsung ring. The latter will “hopefully definitely” be introduced from the end of 2024. No further details are given, so we are left to speculate. The most frequently mentioned is that it will fit into the Samsung ecosystem, i.e. it will be possible to control other Samsung devices, e.g. TVs, etc., thanks to the ring.

There is also speculation about the name — Samsung Curio.

The main features

  • Strong Samsung ecosystem background

When and for how much?

It is expected in January/February 2024 and the price is currently unknown.

🇫🇷 Circular Ring v2 (?)

Although the current Circular Ring is probably the worst ring I own in terms of craftsmanship — the thickest, most plasticky and least reliable — I haven’t broken a stick over it. I’ve been in touch with Circular and they suggest that a much better version should be out later this year.

The main features

  • Thinner and higher quality ring body

When and for how much?

I’m expecting more like 2024 and a price similar to now.

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